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Friday, 11 May 2012

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Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Some stuff from 'Sons of Mighteus'

"Turn around, slowly". Kaidor turned around, slowly. In front of him stood a man. He was tall and thin and he wore a black doublet with long, black trousers. He carried a brace of bolt pistols at his waist and there was a scabbard on his left thigh. Kaidor could make out the ornate basket-guard on the sword even now. He wore a cape that barely touched the floor and on his collar there were tiny silver stars.

I really like this stuff, and you should go check this out if you like imperial guard or just entertaining stories.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

And Now...

I'm back, and there's a lot to post about....
Firstly, if you didn't know, please head over to 'The Sons of Mighteus', its got some great fluff for what I feel will be a great imperial guard army.
Secondly, I have decided to rename my Cadre, and if you have any suggestions please comment so I can see.
Thirdly, I have a few models to show after a tau-riffic Christmas (too bad a tau joke?)

This is the hammerhead I repainted before christmas

First new FW squad

All assembled crisis suits

Ethereal (finecast)

The Pile

(follow the links to see images if they're not working)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Humble Crisis Suit

Now, I've been expanding my force, and I decided to get another crisis suit. I've always been a fan of the twin-linked burst cannon crisis suit, but felt that, for a suit that's going to be fighting at a close range, didn't have enough protection, so I decided to use the drones that came with it to beef it up a little.

'The XA-19 Close Range Protection Suit'
(for pictures without links got to Advanced Tau Tactica and look for Tauspetre - Phantoms)

The XA-19 was created by the phantoms for use in preventing the ork uprising, when the prototypes proved effective and efficient, they began to be mass produced to protect the other colonies where the phantoms reigned.
In game it will be used alongside small forces of firewarriors to hold objectives.

More on crisis suits etc. soon!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

500 Points Tau VS Space Marines.

Today I played a 500 points battle againt my space marine using friend, it was

Mission: Annihalation
Deployment: Spearhead
Ethereal 50 pts
10 Firewarriors 100pts
Hammerhead: 165 pts
Piranha x2: @60 pts
6 Kroot: 42 pts

Space Marines:
Stormraven: 215 pts
Combat Squad: 90 pts
Chaplain: 100
6 Space Marines: 95

 He won the roll for deployment (and First turn as well!) and chose the back left corner, I then had to choose the opposite one.

Turn 1: Space Marines

The 6 man squad in the corner moved into the stormraven, which then moved 6" towards the Tau lines.
The chaplain moved 12" to be alongside the stormraven. The combat squad, running behind the Chaplain, moved 6".

The Stormraven shot it's assault cannon at the firewarriors, wounding and killing one.
It also shot at the kroot with its multi-melta, where it also wounded and killed one.

Turn 1: Tau
The pirahnas moved  12" towards the Stormraven, while the kroot and Fire warriors also moved six" towards the stormraven.

The hammerhead shot at the stormraven and hit the storm raven at the front armour and penetrated! The Almighty Stormraven! It went down in an explosion as the damage roll came up as a 5!
It exploded in a flurry of sheet metal, The occupants inside making all their armour saves, and successfully passing the pinning test. one guy's arms fell of (Literally!), the only casualty.

end of turn 1 photos:

Turn 2: Marines
The Chaplain moved 12" towards the piranhas, The other marines following suit and moving 6".

The Chaplain shot at the krrot, hitting, but not wounding any.
The nearby marines also shot the kroot, hitting, but not wounding.

The Chaplain assaulted the kroot, killing 3 on the charge and then the rest on the advance, it was brutal.

Turn 2: Tau

The Piranhas shot towards the marines, moving 6".
nothing else moved, to allow full hsooting ability.


The Firewarriors shot at the chaplain, hitting 10 times, and the 5 wounds were saved by the awesomeness of a power armour nutter.
The hammerhead then shot at the Chaplain aswell, hitting with its railgun, turning the chaplain into Marine sauce, yum yum.
The Piranhas shot at the nearest marines, butchering 3 of them in the hail of shots.

Turn 3: Marines

All the marines moved 6", some to get out of sight.

No-one shot, but the larger squad of marines ran, probably scared witless, 6".

the small group of marines charges in on a suicide run, losing 2 but taking a piranha valiantly with them.

Turn 3: Tau
Nothing Moved. pretty boring eh?

The hammerhead launched a pie plate(5" blast) at the marines in the city, showering the marines in debris, killing two, plastering them.

No assault, tau weren't made for that.

Turn 4: Marines

Assault only, Where the marine used another krak grenade, through the hail of the flechette dischargers, he missed.

Turn 4: Tau

No Movement again, same plan as last turn

The hammerhead shot again at the marines in the city, killing two of the remaining 3, geez these guys are good.

Turn 5: Marines

Another krak grenade thrown through the hail from the flehette dischargers (are they allowed to use them more than once?),  it bounced off the hull of the piranha, unfortunate for the marine, good for me.

Turn 5: Tau
The hammerhead moved 18", removing its abitlity to fire, but getting LoS on the hiding Marine!

The Turn 6 roll was failed, thus ending the game.

Final Score:
Tau: 2
Marines: 1

Final Thoughts.

I enjoyed this game very much, my opponent also ejoyed this game. Next time I hope he brings some more anti-vehicle and blast weapons, and it may even be a 1000 point game then.

Edit: yes I did forget the required 2 FW squads and 1 Crisis commander, but it was a friendly and we just wanted to enjoy a quick 500 point battle